Bognor Regis HMO map

Further to the concern raised by the application for a 38 bed HMO at the Aldwick Care Home at 41 – 45 Nyewood Lane we approached ADC with a Freedom of Information request for a comprehensive list of all currently licenced HMO’s in any postcode beginning PO2*, covering Bognor Regis and the surrounding area.

The information provided was then converted into a Bognor Regis HMO map so the proliferation of HMO’s in Bognor Regis compared to the surrounding area is visibly clear. It represents all the HMO’s licenced by ADC in the PO20, PO21 & PO22 postcodes along with the rough boundary of ADC’s jurisdiction to highlight the over concentration in Bognor Regis.

Click here to view the Bognor Regis HMO map

It can be viewed / downloaded as a PDF here

The Arun Local Plan States under section 12.5 Houses in multiple occupation

12.5.1 In providing for the housing needs for Arun, it is important to ensure that mixed and balanced communities are developed so that situations where existing communities become unbalanced by the narrowing of household types towards domination by a particular type, such as shared housing, are avoided.

We believe the map demonstrates that section 12.5.1 has not been observed by ADC.

The most recent statistical information we have is from 2016 where Bognor Regis already had 64% of all HMO’s that had been licenced by ADC at that time.

The chances are that this percentage has now gone up and that there are many more properties being used as unlicenced HMO’s in our neighbourhood.

If you have suspicions about a property that may be being used in this manner you can contact Bognor Regis Town Council on 01243 867744 or by

Or you can contact Arun District Council by Email: or by calling Arun Direct on 01903 737755

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We will be forwarding this post to both BRTC and ADC.

1.5.20 Planning Application for Aldwick House Care Home Nyewood Lane

We are actively opposing the planning application BR/86/20/PL for the disused Aldwick House Care Home, 41-45 Nyewood Lane, Bognor Regis, PO21 2SJ for change of use to a 38 bed HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) for up to 52 persons.

We have lobbied the Bognor Regis Town Council Planning Committee, Arun District Council Planning as well as the local ADC councillors Jim Brooks and Matt Stanley as well as the local press and Nick Gibb MP.

Current comments and the opportunity to comment yourself can be accessed by clicking on the ADC Planning Portal

Closing date for comments is 5.6.20.

A list of other people and organisations you can make representations to can be viewed here.

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